Bel Air

The vignerons de Bel Air

Since 1929

The story of these men begins at the dawn of the Great Depression when a handful of winemakers in the Beaujolais, at that time affected by the 1929 crisis, decided to join their forces to resist better the economic storm: the Vignerons de Bel Air winery was born.

Second production site:

The Winery of Chiroubles

Over time the rows and the production of the winery increased. The work tools were constantly upgraded and the first shop was built in 1984 to welcome the wine lovers. Finally in 2008 the winery of Bel Air, located in Saint Jean d’Ardières, merged with the Chiroubles winery and now has a second production site at the heart of the crus.

Bel Air nowadays

250 members

Nowadays Les vignerons de Bel Air represent 250 members and 700 hectares with the 10 crus of Beaujol ais. Thanks to the old and true friendship between the winemakers and a great establishment in the villages around, the Bel Air winery is based on a tough and dynamic core.