Vignerons de BEL AIR endeavour to highlight the winemaker gesture to make durable all the efforts of the cellar actors and mostly the cooperators:

By encouraging the good winemaking practices adjusted to each region. First of all a good wine is a good grape and each vintage is a new challenge:

By building a consistent supply of reachable quality wines.

By aiming the emerging markets to spread the know-how of Vignerons de BEL AIR and raise awareness of the Cru made in BEL AIR in the mature markets. (France, Belgium, Germany, UK…) and to finish with, innovate to please the needs of new tasters.

Environment focus

Nature is a real partner and allows to the winemakers to express their art and their know-how. Since always the Vignerons de Bel Air respect and honor it. Concerned about their ecological and environmental responsibility, their politic enters in the integrated farm management. In the vines, every soil conditioner is discussed for long and in the winery everything is minutely measured. Nothing is ever left to the luck to respect the planet which gives us so much.
There are the discreet but essential advices of David, our technical adviser, which lead the wine growers to the “eco-responsible” way. Together they reflect about the vines leading.