Its name is due to the age where, instead of the vines that we know well, was an oaks wood (Chênaie in French). Cleared step by step under monastic order command and then under Philippe V le Long command, it became imperative to plant vines there.
It was the first Beaujolais wine to accede to the capital, since the 17th century. It had pride of place on Louis XIII table because it was one of his favourites!
The estate is spread on 225 hectares which made it the smallest cru of the Beaujolais… but not the smallest in quality!
The soil is granitic on the hills turns to silica and clay on the low parts of the appellation.

Identity card

Surface area: 1300 hectares
Soil: Granite, Silica and Clay
Date of creation: 11 September 1936


Food pairing suggestions


  • Pork ribs confit with simmered vegetables
  • Chili con carne with black American rice
  • To serve at 14/15°C


  • Le sentier des Crêtes et la Montagne des Chasseurs (hiking)
  • Le Pic Rémont
  • Mountain bike
  • La «cabane des chasseurs»