The vines are leaning back against the Beaujolais hills rised at 450m.
The very particular soil, all made of sand coming from the granite degradation, crumbles off and makes the hills more and more steeped.
Moreover this singularity the temperatures in Chiroubles are lower of few degrees than the others crus which lead a lateness of 5 to 10 days at the end of winter. Then the harvest begins few days after the harvest banns.
Even if this housing environment seems hostile to us there is not for the Gamay which is established there since 5 decades to offer us an original wine.

Identity card

Surface area: 363 hectares
Soil: very fragile Sand
Date of creation: 11 septembre 1936

Food pairing suggestions


  • Osso Buco and pasta with citrus zests
  • Salmon maki – Japan
  • To serve at 13/14°C


  • Parcours d’Aventures du Haut-Beaujolais
  • Notre Dame d’Avenas (church)