Moulin à Vent the lord

Sold as a « Romanèche Thorins » until 1936 this is only the 11th of September 1936 that the name of “Moulin à Vent” (Windmill) is adopted, evoking the presence of the old famous windmill in the vines.
The vineyard spreads on a crumbly soil made of pink granite infiltrated of manganese.
The Romanèche Thorins rocks was also named “Romanéchite”.
Nowadays 280 winemakers are still here to shape and make the vines continuing to produce a very charming wine.

Identity card

Surface area: 665 hectares
Soil: Pink granite and Manganèse
Date of creation: 11 September 1396


Food pairing suggestions


  • Roasted hare filet with chanterelles and chestnut purée
  • Khang Koir Ka – India
  • To serve at 15/16°C


  • Château de la Tour de Romanèche
  • Musée du Compagnonnage
  • Le Hameau du Vin