Cuvées Chic

Bel Air

Moulin à vent – Domaine des Ailes

The Cuvées CHIC gather the PREMIUM and SUPER PREMIUM wines of Vignerons de BEL AIR. Finial of know-how and elegance inmate by their maker they impassion themost stylish moments of our lives.



Grape: Black Gamay with white juice.

Soil: friable granite

Age: 60 years old

Wine-making: Hand-made harvest with selective picking out in the parcel. Traditional vatting during 12 to 14 days.

Wine tasting

Colour: Deep garnet-red

Smell: rich and powerful nose (blackcurrant, blueberry and cherry)

Mouth: long length, round and structured for a sturdy wine worth keeping.

Best to be served at: 14-15°C with  a 7 hours leg of lamb, blue and goat cheeses…